Identity Design Brief

Date: 11-15-14

Designer: MG Markham Design LLC


Project Name: Ice cream in the cloud

Project Type/Category: identity/logo/stationary

Tagline (if any): “heavenly scoops”


Client Information:

Ice Cream in the Cloud online ice cream company offers ice cream ordered via the web, delivered to your door! The logo will employ 3 colors and reflect a fresh, modern twist on ice cream- Ice cream for sale… in the Cloud! The flat logo design will utilize the recent design trend of flat design, and appeal to a new generation who prefer to shop online. Fresh, Fun, and User Friendly are the values the logo must communicate. The logo will include a shipping truck, box, and ice cream in the concept of “ice cream in a box” created by the brand Paradis. Logo will appear in a taller rectangle and logo will be adapted for stationary and other media for print and web.



Ice Cream in the Cloud’s closest competitors are other online ice cream companies like eCreamery, which provides customizable freshly custom made ice cream flavors for order and delivery, as well as private and corporate gifts. Customers are allowed to name their ice cream flavors and select a base of sorbet, gelato, or ice cream. Ice Cream in the Cloud is also competing with companies like Ice Cream, who sell major market ice cream brands like Ben and Jerry’s and Ciao Bella Gelato along with gift packages and accessories like sundae glasses to order, delivered by FedEx, guaranteed frozen.


Ice Cream in the Cloud will distinguish itself from the competition by offering a free delivery of custom ice cream for college students, as well as a 10% discount for enrolled students. Ice Cream in the Cloud will offer a Social Media Ambassador program for those who follow the brand, awarding a free gallon of ice cream each month to the subscriber who posts the best promotional vine video extolling the virtue of a favorite flavor of Ice Cream in the Cloud. Ice Cream in the Cloud will offer an app at the iTunes store to make one click ordering easy via smartphone.



The brand will develop variations on the concept of “Ice Cream in the Cloud” to be adapted as a poster, logo, and stationary system. These pieces will accompany the launch of Ice Cream in the Cloud’s website, and will be used across Social Media streams to catch the attention of a youthful market of online shoppers. The fresh, bright logo will appeal to parents and teens and twenty year olds who find it more convenient to order online. The color choices of blue, red, pink and/or white will combine a 1950’s retro feel with the modern twist associated with digital convenience. The download arrow will explore the texture of the sugar cone, and the cloud will take the form of the ice cream twist.


Studies show that more and more people prefer shopping online, especially young people. Seventy-two percent of Millenials research and shop their options online, and in the first quarter of 2014, retail revenue generated via mobile device was up 35 percent over last year’s first quarter. The logo design and mobile friendly responsive website will actively engage this new market by making shopping easy via smartphone with the touch of a button. The name of the company creates an unmistakable bond with this target market of online shoppers, and leads the way for ice cream home delivery to a new generation of shoppers with disposable income and diminishing desire to leave the house for the mall.


DESIGN: Ice Cream in the Cloud will employ a combination of bubbly, retro fonts and pastel colors with contemporary flat design elements in no more than three colors: white, blue, and red. The logo will reference the good old days when a trip to the ice cream stand was an idyllic family event, combined with the ease of online and mobile user experience design created to make ordering simple and nearly instant. The logo will give both a cozy retro feel and the sense of technological advancement and ease of use.

Summary- these guidelines served to create a wide array of simple, flat design concepts

Incorporation- the resulting concepts reflect the audience and market, appealing to an online shopping generation



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