Identity Final Design


Final Design (above) is a slightly refined version, changing the headlights on the pink van to less resemble the nose of a pig, and improving the dimensions of the final logo to best match the layouts in aspect ratio.

Conclusion- this project was a great chance to explore the ever changing market of online and digital sales. This solution works well with my overall portfolio of bright, simple, cheerful identity designs, and meets the clients need for a logo to differentiate itself from the other ice cream online companies with a funny play on the “Download” button and the “in-the-cloud” icon that permeate today’s digital interfaces. The use of contrast and repetition work together to make an eye catching, memorable design concept that can be easily expanded across mediums, both print and digital.

(below) pictured is the final draft of the logo and stationary identity, before final refinements.


4-3 Milestone 2 Stationary System




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