Poster Design Brief

Design Brief


Date: 11-29-14

Designer: MG Markham Design LLC

Client: USDA Forest Service

Project Name: Save White Mountain National Forest

Project Type/Category: Poster Design

Possible tagline: “Save (in) The White Mountain National Forest”


Client Information: Every year thousands of tourist arrive in New Hampshire to view the changing foliage in the White Mountain National Forest. At Christmas time families select their perfect family tree with a permit from the Forest Service. Site improvements constantly improve public safety, recreation experience, and minimize visitor impact. This poster needs to raise awareness of some of the unique opportunities that the White Mountain National Forest provides, and encourage viewers to donate to support ongoing upkeep and usage of the park.


COMPETITION: During holiday shopping season, every brand in the nation is crossing the fiscal finish line, and attempting to get “into the black.” The Forest Service offers meaningful gift ideas, family passes, and educational opportunities, but must compete with mall brands, restaurants, and consumer driven services in order to remind New Hampshire citizens that truly meaningful familial interactions are better “in the woods” than playing family video games (Xbox), texting (T-Mobile family plans), or eating at an all you can eat pasta buffet in the Olive Garden. Further competition exists in the Non-Commercial and Green Gift Giving markets like Etsy (hand made gifts for sale online) and (gifts for sale by artisans in developing countries), as well as outdoor winter activity centers like local ski areas (Killington) selling family ski passes.


DESIGN CHALLENGE & PROJECT CONCEPT: This poster will create a compelling reminder to the general public that donating or purchasing passes from the White Mountain Forest Service is an act that gives back to the plant in a meaningful way, and encourages authentic personal and family experiences that are of enduring value.


AUDIENCE/MARKET: In times of economic downturn, many are reevaluating gift giving during the holidays in favor or simplicity and authentic meaning, over commercial hype and disposability. This poster aims to remind the general population of New Hampshire that there is no better way to foster a sustainable lifestyle and give a meaningful gift than to support the local Forest Service. Specifically the poster should grab the attention of sustainability minded family centric viewers who are already seeking to find a non-commercial gift opportunity. It will be featured in grocery stores, local newspapers, email advertisements and mailers to the currently subscribed community of supporters.


DESIGN: The call to action in this design will be the url for a giving microsite, featuring the poster graphics with one click donation and gift buying buttons that are mobile friendly. The poster will be accompanied by a Social Media set of pages for twitter and Facebook that are easily sharable, and a Pinterest presence that encourages shoppers to share their pride in giving a non-commercial gift this holiday. The fonts will be fresh and modern, and the colors bright and cheery. The messaging will communicate the interrelationship between self interest, authentic community experiences, and sustainable ecology.


 Summary- the resulting poster gives a strong call to action to donate to the National Park, provides easily accessed contact information, and is suitable for a Christmas time shopper, based on it’s wintry color scheme, look, and feel.

Incorporation- the customer’s need for an awareness poster to ‘Save the Forest’ is accomplished with a slightly wry play on words “Save (some) For (the) rest (of us),” raising awareness of diminishing forest lands and climate change, and the fact that if action is not taken, there may not be many trees left for the ensuing generations.


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