Poster Final Design

SNHU Poster Design and Sketches-01


Final Design (above) is a slightly refined version that incorporates a hand illustrated pattern of fallen trees in the background, further driving home the impact of the loss of funding for the national park, and reminding viewers of the danger to conservation lands.

Conclusion- this project was gratifying, as I was called upon to promote conservation of a specific forest. I chose to create the poster to raise money and awareness of the national forest in my home state New Hampshire. This poster design works well with my overall portfolio of illustration heavy, high contrast design art, and meets the client’s need for a strong poster to raise awareness and funding for a specific, local forest. The use of pattern, texture, and repetition work together to make a memorable visual statement that draws the viewer from top to bottom, and directs the viewer to a clear call to action at the base of the poster.

(below) pictured is the final draft of the poster, before final addition of a slightly taller rectangular format, and the fallen tree pattern in the background.


SNHU Poster Design and Sketches-07




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